About Boxsumo


BOXSUMO Is Your #1 Web Source For EXCLUSIVE Products That You Cannot Find Anywhere Else For The Best Prices.

Where Are You Located?

We Currently Have 3 Locations & Looking To Expand Up To 6 Locations In 2017.
Our Base Office Is Located In Chico, CA. Our Other Locations Reside In Nampa Idaho And Detroit Michigan.

What Makes You Different From Any Other Online Store?

What Separates Us From Everyone Else Is What Have Stored In Our "Box" :-)
(What We Call It) 
There Is A Certain Standard We Have Set For Ourselves At BOXSUMO.
It Is Absolutely IMPERATIVE That Our Customers Are Apart Of One Of The Most Enjoyable Shopping Experiences That They've Ever Had.

Not Only Do We Offer
  But We Also Offer Items That Are Meant To Hit The Spot With Whatever You Are Passionate About.

We Know What That Is...  Trust Us ;-)