Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Just Placed An Order, When Can I Expect It?  
A: You can find our general shipping information here: 
Our shirts are printed on site and take just a little longer to ship.

Q: Is This A Scam? Are You A REAL Company?
A: 100% not a scam :-) We are real people that operate in a fun and professional environment. Our job is to make sure that you have the easiest/pain-free shopping experience without having any doubts at all about your order.

Q: Where Are You Located?
A: We currently operate out of 3 locations. Our main office is located in Laguna Beach, CA. Our other locations are in Chico Ca, Detroit, MI and Nampa, ID. We are looking to add at least 3 more locations in the US by the end of 2017

Q: I Have A Question About My Order, How Can I Contact You?
A: You can contact us by phone- Toll-Free 1(888) 409-8506 or you can email us at boxsumoteam@gmail.com